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    Smart Choice's inspectors regard report writing as the most important part of the process. When writing our reports, we focus on completing three goals:

  • Simple and Thorough Explanations

    • Diagrams defining different causes of deficiencies​

    • Diagrams detailing the function and build-up of materials/systems associated with a deficiency

    • High-quality pictures with bright arrows/circles highlighting the problem area

    • An easy to understand explanation with the probable cause of the issues and appropriate methods of repair

  • Organized Information 

    • Sections broken down into: roofing, exterior, structural, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing, and exterior​

    • A summary section at the beginning of the report, listing the main deficiencies that acquire immediate attention

    • Hyperlinks to separate pages to further explain definitions, purposes, etc

  • Convenience 

    • Reports aren't at the risk of being misplaced by being printed out, they are virtual reports​, can be saved forever

    • Can provide a "to-do list" for clients and realtors when asking for credits or repairs with estimated costs 

Our reports have given clients credits amounting as high as $75,000, which was deducted off the properties' closing price. With a Smart Choice Inspections report, everything in question with the property is illuminated for your full understanding. You will always have a clear view of what to do next.

View some examples below.






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