All images & video below were taken with Smart Choice Inspection's drones during home/commercial inspections


Let's face it, some roofs are simply too high and too steep to access! 


Although Standards of Practice do not require inspectors to walk on roofs, when we're able, we'd rather inspect the roofing system up close and personal. After all, the roofing system is a very important component of the home. 

Now with drones equipped with high quality cameras, we are able to capture crystal clear images in order to discover any deficiencies many inspectors would be unable to view, due to roofs that are too difficult to access. 

Extra Cost? None. 

We simply want to deliver the best home inspection report. Technology changes daily and any tool we can use in order to make our inspection better for our clients, will be used. Drone inspections are FREE with all home and commercial inspections.

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