In order to fairly price home inspections for potential clients, we at Smart Choice Inspections prefer to quote each inspection based on the specifics of the property.
This method of pricing ensures that we do not over charge homebuyers by implementing a high base price.
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A Smart Choice Home Inspection

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  • A Licensed & Experienced Inspector to Perform a Thorough Inspection of the Property

  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging Inspection

  • Computerized Report with Colored Photos and Diagrams 

  • & More

Can Include:

  • Radon Testing 

  • Oil Tank Sweep 

  • Mold Sampling

  • Septic Inspection

  • Binder With Maintenance Check-List

  • Cost Guide for Remodeling and Repairs

  • Optional Repair Estimate From A Licensed Construction Company Representative

  • & More

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InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee 

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Other Services

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Oil Tank Sweeps - $199.00 ($99.00 if performed at a home inspection)

Radon Testing - $99.00

Asbestos Sampling with Remediation Estimate - $125.00 first sample, $99.00 every other sample

Lead Sampling - $99.00 per sample

Mold Inspection - Call 973.500.3233 now for an exact quote

Air Quality Inspection - Call 973.500.3233 now for an exact quote

Home Energy Efficiency Inspection w Report - Call 973.500.3233 now for an exact quote

Pre-Inspections For Sellers without Report - Call 973.500.3233 now for an exact quote


Move-In Certified® Inspections for Sellers - Call 973.500.3233 now for an exact quote

Well Water Testing & Treatment, Sewer Line Inspection:  

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Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters & Senior Citizens:

  • $100 off Smart Choice Home Inspections

  • $100 off Move-In Certified® Inspections for Sellers

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