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Turn Your Home Inspection Report into an Easy-to-Read Estimate of Repairs



More confidence

We want to make sure every home buyer is fully aware of the projected costs of home ownership. We strive to give accurate and useful information so that buyers can be re-assured that their dream home is exactly that.

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More knowledge

Quickly turn your inspection report into an easy-to-read and incredibly accurate estimate of repairs.

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More money

These pricing reports not only make the inspection report easy to understand in terms of dollars and cents, but they are also amazingly useful negotiation tools.

Solving Consistent Problems

Due to the real estate market and rising amount of service calls, we at Smart Choice have consistently been informed by our clients of the difficulties they've experienced in finding professionals to provide estimates of repair costs based on our reports. Contractors, electricians, etc., generally are TOO BUSY tending to service calls and it is a rarity, unless there is a personal relationship, to have estimates in time for negotiations.


We solved the problem.

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker

Features Unmatched

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In studies we have conducted with real life reports we have found our reports are 98% accurate when it comes to true repair cost. This is the reason we are accepted as the industry standard, and are widely used by some of the largest and most successful inspection companies across the nation. And while we cannot guarantee our pricing in any way (there are too many variable and potential underlying issues that we may not be made aware of) – outside of an onsite inspection by multiple contractors we are the MOST accurate and reliable option out there.

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Report Format

All our reports are in an easy to read, small file PDF format that you can open on any device and easily share with others.

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Turnaround Time

We understand that during the home purchase process, time is extremely valuable. That’s why we promise to have every pricing report completed in 24 hours or less.

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Add Ons

  • Full and detailed analysis of all projected repair costs

  • Fire/Insurance claim history

  • Active/Outstanding permit information

  • Sales history - including lien