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OPRA Resources

Disclaimer: All the information researched through this page and links should be further reviewed by a real estate attorney and revised by the respective building or state department.

New Jersey Building Permit Decoder

Instructions: Below, you will find the access portal into the state of New Jersey's treasury database, which contains building permit records. In this database, you will find building permits along with the categories of construction to which they belong, and many other important details such as permit numbers and costs. This data should be noted and researched through the respective building departments. Township building departments can sometimes share information based on the permit number, which may be faster than waiting two weeks for an OPRA report.


The first step in using this permit decoder is to access our portal and find the BLOCK and LOT number of the property you are buying. Once you know the block and lot number, along with the township, you will enter this information into the search bar below.


Upon entering this data, the database will display any records that were shared with the state by the townships. Any information matching the block and lot number should be written down and further researched. (NOTE: Underground oil tank removals will most likely be located under the category of USE GROUP with the letter "U.")

Building Permit Lookup

NJ DEP Records (New Jersey Department of Enviromental Protection)

Using our DEP Portal, you'll be able to find any existing state records related to site remediation (soil contamination from oil).


In order to search for an address of concern, navigate to "Search by Site" and click on the Advanced tab. We recommend searching for the street name, city, and county (without a house number). This will help you research the history of the neighborhood/block, as comparing property information can sometimes be of help in an investigation.

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